What is the advantage of fingerprint password lock?

Date: 2018-03-16 Source: Shenzhen ZhongAn Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd.Views:Loading...

  Fingerprint recognition is relatively safe. The uniqueness of the single fingerprint greatly improves the user's performance requirements on security. The fingerprint's unique physiological appendix completely avoids the risks of being lost, stolen, and being copied. At the same time, Fingerprints are portable and easy to use. These enormous advantages make fingerprint lock technology more and more accepted by people. Therefore, fingerprint password locks are safe for use in homes, offices and villas without too much worry. Nowadays fingerprint locks are well-known. Manufacturers are also quite a lot, accepted and used by most users and families, brings a lot of safety and convenience for people, and fingerprint code locks will not cause harm to the human body. Xiao Bian summed up the three major advantages of fingerprint code lock, for For your reference.

  First, stability design. There are three factors that generally affect the stability of the electronic lock:

  The stability and reliability of the motor working state, the standard of inspection is to see if a carbon brush type special motor is used; the stability and reliability of the above-mentioned lock cylinder structure and clutch structure; the stability and anti-interference of the logic circuit part, The standard of inspection is to see if there is a protection circuit design.

  Second, the maintenance work is an important part of extending the service life of the fingerprint code lock. Using a reasonable maintenance method can effectively extend the service life of the fingerprint smart lock. Must do a good job of daily maintenance of fingerprint password lock, so that fingerprint smart lock to maintain a good state of technology; to use and operate the fingerprint smart lock correctly, reduce and prevent fingerprint lock failure caused by human error. To do regular and irregular maintenance properly and reasonably, keep the fingerprint smart locks clean and clean, regularly check the technical status of the fingerprint code locks, find abnormalities and deal with them in time, and timely tighten and adjust loose and misaligned parts. Preventive replacement of some wearing parts.

  Third, the use of new materials with good maintainability: If fingerprint locks are of good maintainability and easy maintenance, they can be quickly repaired at low cost, and the fingerprint password locks can always be in a good technical state. Once a fault occurs, it can be low. The cost is quickly repaired without the need to replace new parts or new fingerprint code locks, which actually extends the life of the fingerprint smart lock. In addition, in the design of smart locks, according to the fingerprint smart lock performance standards and requirements to select the appropriate new materials, but also a good way to extend the life of the fingerprint smart lock, such as the lock shell with alloy material and nanometer processed fingerprint smart lock It is always stronger and easier to maintain than the plastic lock body. The security of smart home security systems is very important.

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