Fingerprint lock installation basic steps

Date: 2018-03-16 Source: Shenzhen ZhongAn Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd.Views:Loading...

  Fingerprint lock is a smart lock, which is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. For the installation of it is very different from the ordinary lock it? Here are the general steps for fingerprint lock installation.

  1. Check and judge whether the target door meets the conditions for installing a fingerprint lock

  First, check the type of the target door, and then whether the effective installation width of the installation lock position reaches the width of the fingerprint lock lock body, and whether the final result of the installation solution can be accepted by the customer. If these conditions are correct, you can continue with the following steps.

  2. Measuring the main parameters of the old lock on the door

  It mainly measures the dimensions of the lock tongue limit plate (side trim) of the old lock of the original door, including length, width, position of the fixing screw (distance between the center of the screw hole from the horizontal and vertical sides) and the number of fixing screws (up and down) 1 or 1 and 1 respectively), and then measure the door thickness to determine the direction of the door (left, right, left, right, and right). Standing on the outside of the door facing the door, the door axis is on the left The side is left open, the door axis is right-opening on the right side, push inward is open, outward pull is open, and most security doors are left open and right open.)

  Through the above measurements and observations, remember the parameters to determine whether you need to customize the side panel, if the original security door side trim is not a standard 30 * 240 or 24 * 240, generally need to customize the lock body to the manufacturer, is Spend more time on the factory special.

  3 remove the original lock

  Determine the original door material, specifications, and the original lock related parameters and ready to install accessories, remove the original lock and store it in a box, the customer custody, if the fingerprint lock needs to be removed for maintenance, you can then install the original lock Perform a temporary replacement.

  4. Install new lock body and cylinder

  After dismantling the old lock body, install the lock body of the fingerprint lock (you need to install the side plate for the side trim plate of the customized side trim plate), hang the heaven and earth bar, and then use a screw to fix it. Next, insert Fangpu's high-security cylinder into the lock cylinder hole and use a special screw to insert and tighten it from the side and fix the cylinder. After fixing, use the key to insert the lock cylinder and turn the lock cylinder to test whether the lock body can be opened and whether the lock is normal.

  5. Install front and rear panels

  Install the handles of the front and rear panels first, and pay attention to the direction when installing them. Do not forget to use the spring washers when you screw on the screws. This can prevent the handle screws from loosening for a long time. Then screw on the upper and lower screw sleeves on the back cover and insert the square bar spring into the handle hole (this is very important, the spring is an important device to play against the square bar to prevent the square bar from exiting the lock body rotation hole. Remember to install a spring. Otherwise, if the square rod is withdrawn from the lock body, it will cause the electronic method to be unable to unlock. Only the emergency mechanical lock can open the lock). Then the handle of the rear panel is installed, and the connecting piece of the anti-locking button is cut according to the thickness of the door and the excess length is cut off. The anti-locking button is inserted into the anti-locking button and tightened with a screw. Install the rubber gasket on the front and rear panels.

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