Four points that affect the use of fingerprint door locks

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  Fingerprint door lock is one of the products of today's new technology development. Its principle is to develop and research the intelligent small system that uses the fingerprint recognition technology to achieve the unlock function with the single chip microcomputer as the main body. The use of fingerprint door locks has very good convenience and security, gradually replacing traditional home locks and becoming a popular smart lock. Then, what are the factors that affect the use of fingerprint door locks? Here's a look at the four key factors that affect the use of fingerprint door locks:

  1. Fingerprint door lock intelligence The raw materials chosen have a direct decisive effect on the quality of their use. Nowadays, in the world, fingerprint locks with good quality are mostly based on stainless steel and zinc alloys. Their properties are relatively stable, and they are not susceptible to rust or mould attack. Therefore, they can also be used for a long time. time. Some aluminum alloys and plastics are also used as locks, but their use is less effective. For example, their anti-aging ability is weak. If they are subjected to violence in the sun for a long time, they will quickly deteriorate the material, and its hardness and firmness Also slightly inferior.

  2. Secondly, the processing of fingerprint door locks also has a great influence on the use of finished products. Fingerprint door locks are electronic products, and their important working parts are internal circuit boards and precise components such as sensors. Therefore, the requirements for processing and production will also be more stringent. Once the processing steps are wrong or the reading of test data is wrong, Directly affect the use and work of fingerprint door locks.

  3. In addition, the security protection specification during the preservation and transportation of the fingerprint door lock will also affect its use effect. In the process of storing and transporting intelligent door locks, products should be protected from excessive bumps and impacts. Corresponding buffer protection measures should be taken. Fingerprint locks should be sealed and sealed to prevent solid particles from entering the interior and causing blockage or intrusion of insulating objects. Caused the failure to work.

  4. Finally, the installation specification and compliance with the use of standards in order to make the fingerprint door locks work well and stable. Fingerprint door lock installation should be carried out under the guidance of the company's special person. The combination of the door lock and the door should be stable and firm. The cleaning and protection measures should be done in advance on the joint surface. The size of the drill hole should be appropriate to minimize the error. Only then can the To ensure the firmness of the use of smart locks, parts do not fall easily.

  In summary, the use of fingerprint door locks is not only related to the selection of materials, production processes, etc., but also related to the preservation, transportation, installation, and use of specifications after purchase. Therefore, in order to be able to better use and maintain its best working efficiency, we must not only purchase high-quality and durable fingerprint door locks, but also pay attention to the installation and use after purchase, and strictly follow the instructions.

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