ZKTeco is an industry-leading enterprise focusing on the research and application of hybrid biometrics technology. It is a world-renowned manufacturer of biometric products. It possesses a number of patents and independent intellectual property rights in the industry, and it also widely applies biometric technologies in smart offices. , smart finance, smart security, smart transportation and other fields, service network all over the world.

ZKTeco's Central Control Smart Lock Division was established in 2005. After years of hard work, it acquired the design team of German Industrial Company in 2011 and registered the brand “ZKBiolock”. It specializes in the research of smart locks and has a number of core patented technologies. 2011 The company established a smart lock base in Dongguan, China. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, production, sales, and service of hotel locks, fingerprint locks, facial recognition locks, and communication locks. It has customers in 63 countries around the world and has successively researched and developed access control systems. Docking smart home system locks.

ZKTeco has more than 5,000 contractual partners at home and abroad. About 35 percent of the world’s top 500 companies use Central Intelligence’s smart systems and solutions. More than 180 million people currently use CCID's biometrics and RFID. Technology, meanwhile, has more than 9 million sets of Central Control Technology's fingerprints, RF cards and facial recognition systems operating worldwide. The company has participated in the formulation of national standards for fingerprints, finger veins, and human faces of the Ministry of Public Security of China. It is a licensed distributor of fingerprint authentication algorithms for second-generation ID cards and a fingerprint module manufacturer authorized by the Ministry of Public Security. It is also a member of the American Society of Biometrics and the China Biometric Association.

ZKTeco Intelligence created the Intellectual Property Department in 2002. Since 2011, the number of domestic patent applications has increased at a rate that is not doubled by you, and the total number of applications has exceeded 400. In terms of foreign patent applications, there were 47 cumulative PCT applications or foreign patent applications, and 260 domestic and foreign trademark applications. More than 150 software copyrights have been accumulatively authorized and more than 200 patents have been granted.

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