Anti-theft door lock

Project Door Lock - Z1

  • Bio ID Fingerprints, larger identification area, higher verification pass rate, faster recognition
Features Introduction

  Functional characteristics

  Core Technology:

  1, Bio ID fingerprint head, larger identification area, higher verification pass rate, faster recognition speed

  2,304 stainless steel, strong corrosion resistance, longer life

  3, the simple appearance of the atmosphere, modular design, highlights the aristocratic quality

  4, high-end custom plastic technology, metal brushed handle

  5, silver, red bronze

  6, standard ID card module

  Standard function:

  1, C-level lock core, higher anti-theft level

  2, standard national standard electronic lock body

  3, 12-bit touch screen

  4, virtual password

  5, USB data communication


  1, Zigbee remote communication

  2, MF credit card module

  Specification index

  Material: stainless steel panel;

  Keys: 12-bit touch keys;

  Fingerprint head: Bio ID fingerprint head;

  Battery: 4 alkaline batteries;

  Size: Front panel 340*72*21mm;

  Lock core: C-level lock core, optional A-level lock core;

  Adaptation temperature: -20 °C ~ 55 °C;

  Relative humidity: 45% to 95%

  Start speed: less than 1.2S;

  Communication method: Optional Zigbee function, with Huiguanjia APP, USB interface for firmware upgrade;

  Capacity: 100 fingerprints/100 passwords/100 cards;

  Recording capacity: 10000;

  Process color: brushed stainless steel, red bronze;

  Card type: standard ID card, optional MF card;

  Language: Chinese/English;

  Key: Emergency mechanical key unlock;

  Lock body: standard 6068 electronic lock body, matching the European standard electronic lock body;

  Emergency power: 9V dry battery emergency power.

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