Anti-theft door lock

Slide smart lock-CL200

  • CL series smart lock is a high-end product that meets different customer needs.
Features Introduction

  Functional characteristics

  CL series smart lock is a high-end product that meets different customer needs.

  CL100: universal interchangeable lock,

  CL200: Slide Smart Lock,

  CL300: Villa Smart Lock,


  1, retro dragon Chinese style design, highlight luxury, red bronze, green bronze, black bronze


  1, C-level lock core, higher anti-theft level

  2, standard encryption MF card, higher security level

  3, wild universal interchange / national standard lock / King lock body

  4, standard Bluetooth communication APP, can achieve user decentralized management, record query, modify permissions, time management, generate temporary password


  1, full voice broadcast

  2, normally open function

  3, upload download data

  4, USB interface for firmware upgrade

  6, virtual password, effectively prevent password leakage


  1, matching Zigbee smart home docking

  Specification index

  Material: zinc alloy panel;

  Keys: 12-bit touch keys;

  Fingerprint head: standard 3300 optical fingerprint head, optional SF105 semiconductor fingerprint head;

  Battery: 8 alkaline batteries;

  Size: Front panel 395*76*36mm;

  Lock core: C-level lock core;

  Adaptation temperature: -20 °C ~ 55 °C;

  Relative humidity: 45% to 95%

  Communication: Blue-standard 4.0, encryption MF card, USB interface for firmware upgrade, optional Zigbee function, with the Huiguanjia APP;

  Capacity: 100 fingerprints/100 passwords/100 cards;

  Recording capacity: 10000;

  Process color: green bronze, brushed stainless steel, red bronze;

  Card type: standard ID card, optional MF card;

  Language: Chinese/English;

  Key: Emergency mechanical key unlock;

  Lock body: universal interchangeable, can match most mechanical locks on the market;

  Emergency power: 9V dry battery emergency power.

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