Hotel door lock

Hotel door lock-PL10/ML10

  • Long bar design, just right yet elegant, sensing area and front lock door ratio, generous fashion
Features Introduction

  Functional characteristics

  Long bar design, just right yet elegant, sensing area and front lock door ratio, generous fashion

  Compact structure, hand feel comfortable, strong corrosion resistance;

  Advanced hollow separation technology, strong and durable, strong damage resistance;

  International American standard five bolts, anti-slug, anti-insertion, safe and convenient;

  The inner quality steel, the outer layer uses high quality stainless steel, greatly increasing the service life;

  Internal non-interference mode design, user-friendly;

  【Introduction to the lock body】 The US standard five-bolt lock cylinder adopts the original imported mechanical tool for stamping, compact structure, good mechanical linkage, and smooth opening. Guaranteed to open more than 500,000 times. According to the principle of constant force transmission, the double-geared structure ensures uniform force during transmission and maximizes the transmission of force to the unlocking mechanism during use, thereby making the opening feel lighter and more sensitive. The inclined tongue adopts the DIN rail positioning motion. The anti-locking large tongue adopts the ramp type design, and the strength and reliability are enhanced by five times, so that the overall service life and safety of the cylinder core are effectively guaranteed. The lock chip adopts an inter-standard five-bolt tongue with an anti-tampering insurance tongue and an indoor interlocking large tongue with a mechanical key opening function.

  Specification index

  Open the door way: RF card, key, remote control;

  Lock material: stainless steel;

  Authentication method: MF-1 card;

  Communication method: data card;

  Anti-lock function: Yes;

  Language Software: Chinese, English;

  Recognition speed: ≤ 1 second;

  Power: 4 (5) batteries, operating voltage range 3.7V ~ 6V;

  Working environment: Working temperature: -10°C-55°C;

  Operating humidity: 20%RH-85%RH;

  Current parameters: Dynamic current ≤180mA, quiescent current <50uA;

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